Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Taking this Thing National

To borrow the phrase the Milwaukee Brewers used when they moved from the American League to the National League...We're Taking this Thing National.

The 'Thing' being my Free-mo module. National, being the Free-mo layout to be built at the National Train Show in Indianapolis this coming July 6-10.

After successfully participating in two NE Free-mo layouts, I'm ready to expand my horizons. I'm so thankful to NE Free-mo for giving me the opportunity and I've learned so much from being able to set up with them. The chance to see modules and talk to Free-mo modelers from the entire country is too good an opportunity to pass up. Not to mention ready access to sales specials from the manufacturers and vendors  :)

The convention falls during my summer break, so no need to ask for time off. A day and a half drive each way to Indianapolis and back by myself is do-able. Work to complete on the module so that it's presentable and standards-compliant at the show; manageable in the four months I have available. That work includes:

  • Create foundations, roads and sidewalks out of tile grout, including road markings
  • Grade crossings
  • Complete scenery on the west side of the module and around the roads/foundations
  • Spray gray paint to age the track and then ballast it
  • Update wiring to new standards
  • Double check wiring and loco net connections
  • General clean up of the module including painting the front and back
  • Second UP5 (loconet connector) on the opposite side from the first
  • Build shelf for 'interior' side of module
  • Adjust location of top brace on legs
  • Build shelf for legs
  • Create signs on foamcore
  • build test/programming track

While there's time to build a second module, I'm being realistic as we're probably going to move between now and the show.

Would love any suggestions for preparation that my readers might have.

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