Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Days to Judgement

Not nervous. Not nervous. I'm not nervous. I have one of the most talented scenery artists helping me. The fact that I've known Roger since junior high doesn't hurt either.

So - huge amount done over the last couple of evenings; all in the middle of Roger campaigning for somebody named Bernie Sanders.
Foam and putty pre-paint and ground foam

Take a look at the photos, one more night and there should even be roads :)
Overall view of the module after Wednesday night
An interesting comparison between completed scenery and that still to be finished.

A few more things to do, but the module should be mostly done ((save ballasting) tomorrow night.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Week Out

One week to go to the Big-E show in West Springfield. NE Free-mo has an incredible layout planned. Main line over 200'; I'm on the branch again this year by request.

So, things have been crazy in the Zaretsky household. Plenty of school-related work as well as normal stuf around the house, but today saw the return of the reversing toilets. Oh yeah, hours of literally cleaning $#!+ from bathroom, bedroom and basement. Where am I working on the module? Basement, of course.

Painted the track, cut out, installed and painted foundations, did some Loconet work. Tomorrow, making up Sculptamold to put down some landforms; hopefully, it'll be dry in a couple of days so that I can start putting down grass.

More to come tomorrow...

Roger helped me place the structures.

Kuch Packaging and Yoyodyne Propulsion in place.
Foundations cut out and hot glued in place.