Tuesday, September 29, 2015


When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to change your plans...

So, there I was last May, minding my own business, when I had a heart attack. No seriously.

It was mild, but bad enough to cause damage. I had two hospital stays; one in early May to assess the damage, one in late May to fix it (quadruple bypass). A few days before my surgery, we had to put our beloved dog Rosie to sleep.

Needless to say that nothing got done on the modules (or much of anything else) this summer other than me recuperating. We did add a new family member in July, Bennie the puppy. More on him in the future, perhaps.

Now that my meds are fairly normalized and since it's still warm enough to work outside, I'm getting back to the drawing board. Literally.

Below, my "refinements" to the two primary Naugatuck modules (north and south). Moved a couple of industries around and added a spot for a team track. It's a universal industry, easy to add minor infrastructure to the site and it's a sound addition to the plan. Worth the time I spent in Illustrator.

 The tail to the north end of the module (above) is a tail track to let me run-around an engine and car when the module set isn't part of a larger setup. It'll be removable, of course. I moved Sprague Meters to the spot previously held by Fox Theater Scenics (which goes on a later module) and used the remaining space for the team track.

Not any real changes to Naugatuck South. I'm happy with the design.

So, the plan is to hit Home Depot this week to get more 1/2" plywood for tops and sides and some 2" X 2" for legs.

If I can get Naugatuck North updated, and Naugatuck South built, I'll work on module number three: Naugatuck Center.
One more industry (moved from the Naugatuck Chemical Module), space for my growing collection of shops and a four foot extension to the siding, making it quite usable for larger setups. Moving Kuch Packaging here allows me to create a Naugatuck Chemicals module that's more prototypically correct.

So - on to the 4:26 and the hope that I can get to Home Depot tonight :)