Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Week Out

One week to go to the Big-E show in West Springfield. NE Free-mo has an incredible layout planned. Main line over 200'; I'm on the branch again this year by request.

So, things have been crazy in the Zaretsky household. Plenty of school-related work as well as normal stuf around the house, but today saw the return of the reversing toilets. Oh yeah, hours of literally cleaning $#!+ from bathroom, bedroom and basement. Where am I working on the module? Basement, of course.

Painted the track, cut out, installed and painted foundations, did some Loconet work. Tomorrow, making up Sculptamold to put down some landforms; hopefully, it'll be dry in a couple of days so that I can start putting down grass.

More to come tomorrow...

Roger helped me place the structures.

Kuch Packaging and Yoyodyne Propulsion in place.
Foundations cut out and hot glued in place.


  1. Try to keep the Scultamold layer thin. It can take a few days to totally dry, as I found out on my module! You can put a fan on it to help reduce the drying time.

  2. Thank you - planning on keeping it very thin. I may have to put down the grass at West Springfield on Friday.

  3. Actually will have a heater on in the room where it happens...