Wednesday, February 19, 2020


So, I've delayed writing about the Springfield show because I've been distracted. Yearbook final deadline is March 1, our club is having its first operating session in years and general business with life in general.

The show? Oh yeah -- the show. It was great. I had the good fortune of being able to introduce some of the QCMRA people to the NE Free-mo people and it went very well. As usual, the NEFM people put together an amazing experience. Setup went smoothly, operations kept the layout busy all weekend, and everybody had a great time.

My module has never looked better and thanks to a little (ok, a lot of) track cleaning by Mike McNamara, it even operated fairly well. Almost enough encouragement for me to build a second.

And on that note, the QCMRA people are very interested in building Free-mo modules. Hopefully, we'll have something to show this summer.

What follows are a few photos of my module as well as the video of the entire layout (produced by the afore-mentioned mensch, Mike McNamara.

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